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Online booking hotel Pisa in the historical center of the city

Booking hotel Pisa: the Hotel Bologna is located in the center of the old town in Pisa, a good starting point for your visit in this marvellous city. You will be able to reach from here the Field of Miracles and all the sightseeing attractions in the square with just a short walk and find yourself in front of these extraordinary works of art.

Something about the Tower and its leaning that maybe you don’t know: the construction began in 1173, in a period in which Pisa was a trading center, military might and artistically at its best. The designer Bonanno Pisano couldn’t expect that his tower would soon begin to tilt, even before it was finished. We today know that this was because the foundations were not deep enough.

But maybe it is exactly for this reason that it has become one of the most wonderful and intriguing building visited all year long. Now you can enter the tower and climb the 293 steps of the spiral stair that lead you to the top of the belfry. Make a booking hotel Pisa at the Hotel Bologna: the simplest way to make your reservation, especially if you are at the other end of the world, online booking hotel Pisa is easier that doing a call.

Book online hotel Pisa in this charming atmosphere of the Hotel Bologna. In the elegant balcony terrace in the rear of the Hotel Bologna you can enjoy sitting surrounded by cypresses. A pleasant atmosphere in which you can have breakfast or read a good book in the tranquility of the place.

You also have the possibility of hiring a bicycle and riding through the city, a good way to pass through the narrow typical streets of Pisa. Excursions in the countryside and other towns are possible to be organized at the Hotel Bologna. Book online hotel Pisa and ask the staff for any information about the hotel services, which comprise: indoor parking, continental breakfast, laundry service, internet connection in the lobby, bar area, reading room, and shuttle service (with extra charge).

Online booking hotel Pisa at the Hotel Bologna. This is possible by simply visiting the website of the Hotel Bologna - and book online hotel Pisa. Choose the type of service you desire and the accommodation (single, double, triple, four bedroom). Check first of all if rooms are vacant and then look at the price of your accommodation, all without obligation. You will immediately know if there is availability, and now your booking hotel Pisa is done with only a click!.

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