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A four star hotel Pisa in the center of the historical zone of the city is the Hotel Bologna. Pisa is one of the most important and beautiful cities in Italy, located at about 10 km from the shore, it has developed on a plane along the River Arno. Nearby cities are Lucca, Siena, famous for the “palio”, Volterra, important as an archeological site and for the alabaster handcraft.

The four stars hotel Pisa, the Hotel Bologna, is located next to the railway station, just some 500 meters from it. It is a good starting point if you plan to visit nearby cities in a day long trip.

From the four star hotel Pisa (Tuscany) you can easily reach the Field of Miracles on foot. Piazza dei Miracoli, as it is called in Italian, is part of Unesco’s World Heritage since 1987, and it is one of the most striking examples of architectural perfection in the world. The square has been designed in the Romanesque Pisan style. The Field of Miracles embraces the Cathedral, its tower bell, better known as the Leaning Tower, the Baptistery, and the Monumental Cemetery, along with some museums. Just 10 minutes walk from the four star hotel Pisa - the Hotel Bologna - and you can enjoy the sight of one of the most beautiful places worldwide.

At the four star hotel Pisa Tuscany, the Hotel Bologna you can leave your car in the private car parking, the town can be visited on foot without the need of taxi or buses. There is a shuttle service to and from the airport at any time of the day and night and private cars can take you to any part of the city or out for an excursion in any of the nearby towns (this services have an extra charge).

You can rent a bicycle at the four star hotel Pisa the Hotel Bologna - and visit Pisa riding through the city, a good way of wandering around, as you can stop in any time and admire everything you like.

If you prefer a guided tour instead of making the visit by yourself, at the four stars hotel Pisa Tuscany Hotel Bologna, you can ask the staff at the reception for the organization of guided excursions around the city to visit all the buildings and museums that deserve to be seen. However, take some time by yourself and just wander around the narrow streets, you will surely appreciate!

Visit the website at the four star hotel Pisa the Hotel Bologna and find out the available services, look at the special offers, contact the staff for any help and book directly online for your accommodation.

Hotel Bologna Pisa
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