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A charming accommodation in Pisa near the Leaning Tower

Among the hotels tower Pisa, a fine hotel in the city nearby the famous construction is the Hotel Bologna. Known for the extremely famous inclination that seems to challenge the gravitational laws, the Leaning Tower is the tower bell of the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral, a unique architectural work. One of the hotels Leaning Tower Pisa, the Hotel Bologna is located at just 15 minutes from the Field of Miracles.

If you are searching for an hotel near the tower of Pisa, consider booking at the Hotel Bologna, visit the website at hotels tower Pisa - Hotel Bologna and take a look at this charming accommodation Pisa near Leaning Tower hosted in a typical Tuscan palazzo.

This hotel near tower of Pisa is an extremely charming place to book in for a couple of days. It is located in the center of the city so all the sightseeing attractions are at reach, just some minutes walk. Near the Hotel Bologna you will find fine Italian restaurants where you can taste typical cuisine as well as pizza.

Some details on the tower: an inscription on the side wall of the entrance documents the date of the beginning of the construction, 1173, the Leaning Tower was designed by the architect Bonanno Pisano. The construction continued for more than two centuries, and the curious thing is that the design changed during the years not for the different architects and ideas that came one after the other, but followed the fact that the tower continued to lean increasingly and some solution had to be taken. Only a few years ago, in the late 90’s, the right solution has been found: by simply removing part of the terrain from the northern part of the structure a new equilibrium has been reached, so now the leaning stopped to increase.

The hotel Leaning Tower Pisa - the Hotel Bologna - has all the comforts you are looking for during your stay. A private car parking if you want to arrive by car. But also a shuttle service that takes to the airport, or the train station, or anywhere in the city and in the countryside.

The Hotel Bologna, an hotel Pisa near Leaning Tower, has very spacious and comfortable rooms, staff is great and there is also a very pleasant terrace in the rear, where you can have some rest and enjoy the bar service all day long.

Visit the website and book for an accommodation Pisa near Leaning Tower, the Hotel Bologna, located in the historical center of the city, next to anything you might want to visit, but also in a quiet zone.

Hotel Bologna Pisa
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