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Pisa, the hotel Bologna situated in the historical center

An Etruscan settlement at first and Roman afterwards, Pisa is an old Marittime Republic, together with Venice, Genova and Amalfi, and rises on the Tirrenian Sea around the Arno River that crosses the city. During the Middle Ages it had its period of maximun glory, and the civil and religious buildings, the squares and the narrow streets in the old town bear evidence of the economic and political stability of that time.

If you are planning a visit in this Tuscan city and are looking for a Pisa hotel, in the center of the old city in Pisa rises the Hotel Bologna. Situated in a refined “palazzo” characterized by the typical architectural style of the Tuscan tradition, it is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city.

The street on which the Pisa hotel Bologna overlooks is central and at the same time in a recess site, distant those 500 meters from the railway station, the Dome, and the main street. The main tourist attractions of the city are easy to reach on foot. It is situated 3 km from the A12 Pisa Centro freeway and from the S.G.C. Firenze-Pisa-Livorno freeway exit.

At only a few minutes from this Pisa hotel Bologna is located one of the most marvelous buildings of the world: the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is the bell tower of the cathedral and it situated right behind it.

Obviously the tower owes its fame to the fact that it is leaning, it wasn’t designed to lean. Initially constructed to be vertical, it began to lay down soon after the beginning of the construction in 1173. The solutions adopted in the past to stop the continuous increase in the inclination have always failed and only in the late 90’s architects succeeded by removing part of the terrain in the northern part of the structure to create a new equilibrium. In this way the inclination finally stopped to 4.1 meters against the 5 meters that had in the past.

Consider booking at the Pisa hotel Bologna, a charming place to sleep during your stay in Pisa and visits in the countryside. There is a convenient shuttle service to the airport if you arrive by plane and a taxi service to the train station and to any place in the city and in the countryside you decide to visit.

The staff is very kind and speaks English as well as other languages and will be at your disposal for information regarding the Pisa hotel Bologna and the city. Rooms are comfortable and spacious, functionally equipped with room service, wi-fi connection, safety boxes.

Hotel Bologna Pisa
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