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A luxus accommodation in the beautiful city of Pisa

The city of Pisa had been anciently founded by the Greek and subsequently it became an important harbor under the Romans, becoming a great naval fleet and kept its importance for many centuries ahead.

A couple of days in Pisa are enough to visit this jewel of the Tuscan region, and if you are looking for a luxus hotel Pisa, then you should consider booking at the Hotel Bologna for a luxus accommodation (Pisa).

Just a few words on the city. It began its period of highest glory at the end of the IX century, when Pisa became an independent maritime republic, rival of Genova, Venezia and Amalfi. The most beautiful buildings that you can still admire today walking through the ancient district of the city date back to this period, when the most important artistic and architectural works in the Romanesque Pisan style were built.

Consider that this luxus hotel (Pisa), the Hotel Bologna, is situated in a very quiet place and it is just some minutes walk from the main attractions of the town. It is located in a really charming Tuscan palazzo and it is one of the luxus hotels in Pisa.

The Hotel Bologna is a perfect place to have a luxus accommodation Pisa if you are in town to visit the main sights attractions situated in the Field of Miracles where you can take a look and visit the Leaning Tower, right next to the Cathedral.

Apart from the main sights that attract tourists from all over the world, there are many other museums and important architectural buildings to visit. Just to mention some: the Knight’s square with the Palazzo dei Cavalieri, its fašade has been designed by Giorgio Vasari and Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri, also designed by Vasari; that hosts a bust by Donatello and paintings by Vasari. The Borgo Stretto, a neighbourhood with medieval arcades, and the Lungarno, along the River Arno, are ideal for a peaceful walk around exploring the city.

You can visit the website of the Hotel Bologna and book for a luxus accommodation in Pisa. It is an elegant luxus hotel in Pisa that welcomes its guests in an atmosphere that will make you feel at home. The hotel has all the comfort facilities you will appreciate and a beautiful and pleasant terrace in the rear where you can have an evening drink or read a book in comfort during your stay at this luxus hotel Pisa.

Book online for a luxus accommodation Pisa at the Hotel Bologna, staff will be available for any kind of information you are looking for.

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